Sharshika Silver Polish cleans, shines, protects and restores precious metals (Silver, Gold, Platinum) to an original brilliant shine and finish.

Cleans & Gives Mirror-Like Shine To Silver or Silver-Plated, Gold or Gold-plated & aluminum Items.
Polishes precious metals i.e. silver, gold, platinum, aluminium etc to A dazzling Shine.
Specialty Cleaning Agents Remove Tarnishing (Blackening), Oxidation, Stains, Watermarks & Scratches Without Causing Any Metal Loss / Damage.
Restores All Silver, Gold & Aluminium Objects To Their Former Glory.
It contains “Long-Term” Rust Inhibitors Which Slow Down The Process Of corrosion And Helps Preserve AndProtects The Meta.
Odor-less Formulation. Easier To Use & Gives 100% Better Shine Than Ordinary Cleaner.